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Can you believe Christmas nearly here? Where has the year gone?

I love this time of year because it means spending time with the family and friends, getting away from routine, relaxing and enjoying nice food. However, I know for some it can be very stressful, with many people feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. But Christmas should be about having fun.

So, I decided to give you a helping hand to make Christmas a more enjoyable and less frantic occasion, while keeping the earth in mind. Here you will find some suggestions that will help you out, but also give you time to appreciate the important things in life. Lets start with…

Green Gifts

If you are still looking for gifts, why not get something from your garden (or from your nearest nursery or farm). Plants can bring a lot of colour to a home and can be the ideal gift for those who like gardening. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Potted plant – like flowers or succulents are great gifts. Pretty the gift by adding a ribbon or get the kids to decorate the pot.

  2. Herbs for the cook in the family – Ideal to have near the kitchen and also, to add a touch of greenery.

  3. Bring a basket of garden goodies – make a gift of the vegetables and fruit you have grown. Many people will appreciate it, as it is a great change from sweet and chocolate items many get.

4. Miniature fruiting tree – can be kept in a pot or sown in the garden. Ideal for those limited on space and yet want to have a garden.

5. Volunteer in the garden or give a Voucher – for those moving house and need a helping hand with the landscaping, offer your services. This will be really appreciated. If you are not up to this, then a voucher to help them to get what they need or to get some help.

Personal Gifts

If you are organised you may have sent off Christmas cards already to your friends and family, but for the few of us that haven’t got around to it, maybe consider emailing or messaging. It is far more eco-friendly by saving on printed cards. Also, it means they get the message on time. What you need to do, is personalise the message. Add some photos, talk about the year that has past and what it means to have them in your life. Often messages like this have more meaning.

However, you will have a few people that don’t have email or messaging services, then print off the same message and mail it. It may arrive late, but it is better than not sending one at all.

Apart from eCards, why not give the following gifts:

  • A Calendar containing family photos

  • Homemade gifts, like some home cooked goodies, artwork or handcrafted presents such as clothing or household items, making the gift more meaningful.

  • A donation on behalf of the gift receiver. Focus on a cause or charity.

  • Offer an experience you can both do together.

  • Enroll the person into a class. Help them indulge in their passion.

  • Encourage someone to take up an old hobby, like get artist equipment for the budding artist.

Enjoy the season

For many the build up to Christmas can be a very busy, finishing off any shopping and doing the final preparation for gatherings and the big day. Remember to take a break and bring the magic of Christmas into your family’s life. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and check out the lights. Children (and big kids) get mesmerised and it is a great thing to do as a family, and it gives you a chance to say hello to your neighbours.

If working, bring treats to staff at work with a nice note.

Another way to enjoy the season with the family is to prepare some hot cocoa and some popcorn. Then tell everyone to get their PJs on and watch a Christmas movie. Nothing nicer than to get into the festive feeling by watching a Christmas movie. You know your kids best, but do watch age appropriate movies. Some favourites of ours are:

  • Polar Express

  • A Christmas Carol

  • Santa Claus the movie (all three)

  • The Grinch

  • Scrooged

Be creative while keeping it green and concentrate more on having a lovely time with the family,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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