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So you love to follow the fashion trends and dressing up in fresh styles, but environmental concerns are getting to you and you are wondering what you can do? You are not quite ready to embrace the hippy style, but realise you need to change your wasteful habit. Well, there are a number of ways to still be stylish, while still looking after the environment.

Buy eco-friendly fashion – there are many eco-friendly shops selling sustainable fashion and accessories, sourced from around the world. Many stores sell eco-friendly garments, as well as being ethically sourced, handcrafted and Fair Trade. Look for clothes that have sourced natural, organic or sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Here are some eco-friendly online shops that you might like to have a look at:

  1. Sustainable Fashion is an online eco-boutique showcasing sustainable design from Australia. What is amazing is that all of their clothing and accessories are all made locally in Australia, which means the clothing is made ethically and Fair Trade.

  2. Organic crew is an organic apparel brand made in Melbourne, Australia. They produce bespoke pieces without harming the planet.

  3. Kowtow sells certified Fair Trade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Based in New Zealand, it sources only GOTs approved cotton (no chemicals, toxins or pesticides used during the production or manufacturer) from Indian.

  4. Patagonia sells outdoor clothing that is sustainability focus, best practice in supply-chain transparency.

  5. Purepod is Canberra based all Australian Made ethical fashion label with an urban influence.

  6. Sinerji is Fairtrade and sweat-shop free, hand-loomed organic cotton, thread is dyed using natural dyes, and loomed into the fabric, no pesticides are used in the process of growing, dyeing and looming this fabric.

And there is many more.

Buy Quality – By buying well, you are ensuring the clothing piece will last a long time. Instead of trying to be hip or wearing the latest fashion, go for a classic look. A good quality coat can last for years. I still have a coat from Ireland going on 12 years old and it still looks good. I’m sure you have heard that you should have a little black dress as part of your wardrobe. A good quality dress can be great for work or for going out. And it doesn’t have to look tired. Dress it up or down with the jewellery you wear, a scarf around your neck or a different belt around the waist. So when shopping looks for quality brands and avoid being a shopaholic.

Let’s go a thrifting – Yes, I am talking about going to op shops and buying second hand. But it is not that scary. You can get some great finds by recycling clothes and remember, vintage clothing can be very chic.

Learn to mend – Okay you may not be a dressmaker, but I bet you can thread a needle and patch up a tear or a hole. Why throw a good piece of clothing away because it has a worn area. You might amaze yourself at how crafty you could become. Soon you will be adding sequins and ribbons.

Make your own – So why stop at just mending. Instead, start making your own clothes. This might be your chance to learn a new skill and keep up with fashion, by making your own.

Remember, curtailing your clothes shopping will improve your eco-credentials. A lot of us have overflowing wardrobes, with clothing we only wear every now and then. Time to be more conscious about what you buy and the effect it has on the farmers, the processors, us and the earth.

Be earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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