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You may think why bother? Gardening is a lot of work, I don’t have the time and I don’t have the space, but just look at how many have taken it up during the COVID19 lockdown. Yes, they may have had more time on their hands to consider it, but you will be surprised to know you don’t have to spend a lot of time gardening. Once a week for a couple of hours, usually a Saturday or Sunday, tends to works for me to be in the garden, whether it is weeding, digging or sowing new plants. It always amazes me what I can achieve in those hours. Then I let nature do the rest. As for space, you don’t have to have a large garden in order to grow some fruit and veg. A large pot can grow a lot.

Yes, in the beginning there is a bit of work to prepare and set out your garden and you will need to plan, but it is worth it. Don’t believe me, then have a look at this list. It will explain why you should take up gardening:

1. You will eat healthier

Because it is home grown, you will know what has gone into growing your food. If grown naturally, they will be free of chemicals and pesticides.

2. You will save on your food bill

Less trips to the shop and no more paying a lot more for food, that most likely has been sprayed with toxic chemicals.

3. Food is always fresh

When you eat what is in season, you can pick it straight from the garden. No more wilting vegetables, that have lost a lot of their goodness.

4. Gets your hands dirty

Gardening gets you outdoors and off that couch. You will burn a few calories gardening and get some vitamin We do recommend protecting your skin with a good sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors for a long time.

5. Get to know your neighbours

If you have a garden there will be times you will have an abundance of one type of food. You can preserve them, but it is also an opportunity to meet the neighbours and offer some free food.

6. Use up food scraps

If you are not composting you are wasting your food scraps. They will end up in landfill, only to be mixed up with many other toxic items. Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps such a vegetables, fruit and egg shells. The compost created goes back into the garden, creating a healthy and fertile soil. Also, it means your rubbish bin is less full and there will be no more overpowering odours to deal with. 

7. It attracts beneficial bugs to the garden

I think most of you have heard about the decline in bee populations due to pesticides and herbicides. Most home gardens don’t use toxic chemicals, but natural alternatives to deter the nasty bugs. Many fruits and vegetables need the beneficial insects to visit, to spread the pollen and to reduce the numbers of other nasties. So growing more food naturally, improves the numbers of good bugs.

8. You will reuse many things

Gardeners are great for reusing stuff from around the house. I collect egg cartons to grow my seedlings. Once the seedlings are developed I can cut each section (meant for an egg), place both the seedling in the carton section directly into the ground. And you know how we like to avoid plastic when living a green life. Well, there are many plastic containers that can be reused in the garden. If you find you are collecting plastic bottles there are many uses for them (plant pots, sprinklers, mini-greenhouse, etc).

9. Removes stress

A fantastic health benefit of gardening is that it can remove stress from your life. I find I get totally absorbed in gardening and it helps me forget a lot of my stresses that build up during the week. Part of the reason is that you are amongst nature. Part of it is being busy. Part of it is doing something you love… and you will get to love gardening once you start.

10. Satisfaction

The happiness you will feel when you see your produce on the table is so satisfying. It will give you a real buzz knowing you have grown the food you are eating, but also that you have learned something new, improved the health of your family and your eco-friendly credentials.

I hope this list gives you reason enough to start gardening. We are all great at giving excuses when it comes to doing a new task, but often we don’t see the benefits of doing something new.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below and we will try our best to answer them.

Have fun being earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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