Our passion is to care for you, your family and the earth

Our Story


We are an Australian family run business that wants to improve the range of eco-friendly and sustainable products. Like lots of families, we trying to be more environmentally conscious by being considerate of the impact our choices are having on our health and the people producing the products when we shop.


Over the years we had an interest in environmental issues and did our bit (by recycling) as we thought, but truly our journey started in our thirties when we noticed our overflowing bins even though we were recycling. We thought this cannot be right. If we are doing this what is everyone else doing? And this was before kids! Having children brought it to a whole new level. For years I have lived with both asthma and allergies and was conscious to avoid certain products and cleaning materials that can trigger attacks. Then in recent years, my husband has had a number of health issues, which has made us more conscious of our diet and lifestyle and like a lot of parents, we want our children to grow up healthy and strong.


This is when we started to make real changes. Buying local, fairtrade and eco-friendly products over other similar items. Buying good quality clothes and taking trips to the swap meets and op shop, as well as buying Australian made where possible. But trying to locate good quality eco-friendly products was often quite tricky. Often the label was "Green" but really there wasn't a lot that was green about it. We want our children to make good choices when it comes to buying, but finding these products was a challenge, hence earthly passion was born.


We know that you may have some concerns when it comes to buying eco-friendly products online. How can you trust what you are buying? Our aim is to provide you with detailed information on each of the products, so you can be assured of what you are getting. We will pack your purchase with care, notify you when it is on its way, while answering your questions, to ensure you are happy with what you have got. 

We look forward to introducing you to great eco-friendly products for a great price.


Our passion is to care for you, your family and the earth.


Attracta and the earthly passion team

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