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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 15

Avoid convenience food

Like pre-packed fruit and veg, convenience foods are not great for your health and they are among the worst offenders for excessive packaging. Often, they come wrapped in plastic and packaged in plastic lined cardboard. If your serious about ditching plastic, you should avoid convenience food.

The foods I am talking about here are things like your pre-made meals, chilled and frozen foods, pastas, noodles, soups, etc. Where possible buy items in glass, aluminium cans or containers that can be reused. Look for packaging that is 100% biodegradable (I do know this can be hard not so easy to find sometimes).


If you are game for more:

Look at buying your food in bulk. It means less packaging and in some cases often the bulk product is packed in eco-friendly packaging.

If you are lucky enough to live near a health store or organic food shop that sells bulk foods, bring your own containers to fill up with your purchases and eliminate packaging altogether.

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