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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 6

Bring a shopping bag

Bring your own bags when shopping. Yes, some of the plastic bags can be recycled, but believe me you need a lot more of those throw away bags to carry your groceries. What a waste!

I know one of the problems people have is that it is easy to forget them. Always keep a bag handy, next to your front door and in the boot of your car. I even carry a foldaway bag in my handbag, but I have still been known to forget a bag. When this happens, if I am getting a small shop I will carry the items or ask for a cardboard box. But don’t beat yourself up if you do have to resort to the plastic bags. Just try to do better next time and remember to bring those bags back to the shop to be recycled. Many of the stores have recycling bins.


If you are game for more:

Avoid pre-packaged items. Preferably, buy items that use recyclable packaging or buy in bulk. This will help in reducing the amount of plastic going to landfill.

I know you can do it. Keep working on the tasks and you will soon be forming good habits that are simple and very easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Attracta & earthly passion team

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