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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 1

Your task for today - Take shorter showers

We are going to start with something we all do every day – having a shower. You may have had a shower already today. If yes, prepare for this task and be ready for tomorrows shower. If you haven’t showered yet, well then you can follow these instructions today.

Before heading to the shower, set a timer. If you don’t have a timer use your timer on your mobile phone or device. Now set the time to 4 minutes (if you have long hair we will allow you five minutes to allow enough time to shampoo and condition). Start the timer as you head into the shower and make sure you switch off the shower once the alarm goes off (please do not bring your alarm/mobile device into the shower unless you know they are water proof).

Remind yourself to do this each morning by either sticking a post it on the shower door or by setting up a notification just before your shower time on your mobile device.

Now I know some of you love your showers, and for some (especially if you are like my son) you need it to help you wake up. But often we waste litres of clean drinking water that could be used elsewhere and more efficiently. Four minutes is plenty time to lather up and rinse off and to repeat, if necessary


If you are game for more:

Have a look at the personal hygiene products that you are using, like your shampoo, conditioner and shower cleanser. Do you really need them all? What goes into them? Are they natural, organic and made from sustainable sources. Have you every read the list of ingredients? Is it time to change?

Place a shower filter on your shower head to remove toxins from the water. Most water is treated with chlorine to kill certain bacteria and other microbes, but this chlorine is highly toxic. Also, Chlorine also strips protein from your skin and hair, leaving it dry and itchy.

By doing one or both of these suggestions will not only make a good change for the environment, but also for your health.

Most people don’t need to wash their hair everyday. Actually washing your hair everyday removes your natural oils that protect the hair follicle and skin. You could be causing more damage to your scalp and drying out your hair by washing daily.

Good luck with the challenge!

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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