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Looking for ideas for gifts? Why not make some homemade gifts, that won’t cost the earth, but are made with love and care. It is a great way to prepare gifts for a number of people at once, as you can make large batches to cover the numbers. So I have come up with a few suggestions that might help you.

Thanks to my mother-in-law sharing this recipe some time ago, I have been making this simple recipe with great success. It is so easy to make and it makes the ideal Christmas present, especially your kid’s teachers. Placed in an airtight container, it can keep for a few weeks.

Almond bread biscuits


3 Egg whites, free range & organic

4oz/113.4g Organic castor sugar (replace with organic stevia if preferred)

4oz/113.4g Organic plain flour, sifted

4oz/113.4g Unblanched whole almonds


  1. Line a loaf tin with grease proof paper (eco-friendly of course).

  2. Beat egg whites until stiff.

  3. Gradually beat in the sugar to form a meringue consistency.

  4. Fold in the sifted flour and whole almonds and then pour into the lined loaf tin.

  5. Bake in a moderate oven for 30 – 40 mins.

  6. Leave in the loaf tin to completely cooled.

  7. Wrap in foil and refrigerate for 1 – 2 days.

  8. Using a very sharp knife cut into wafer tin slices.

  9. Place on a lined baking tray and cook to dry out on 130C for about 45mins.

  10. Cool on a wire rack before placing in your airtight container.

For he cooks in your life, you can’t go wrong with flavoured oils. Here is one suggestion.

Chilli oil


4-6 small red chillis

2 cups (500mL) canola oil


  1. Cut your chillis lengthwise in half. If you want to keep them whole you will need to prick them a few times to release their flavours.

  2. In a non-aluminium saucepan, place the oil and the chillis. Slowly heat over a low-medium heat.

  3. It is best to use a thermometer, as temperature needs to reach 110°C -125°C and kept at this temperature for 20 mins. Bo not burn.

  4. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool.

  5. If you don’t want to keep the chilli in the oil, filter the oil through muslin.

  6. Label with name and date of preparation. Pour oil into sterilised bottles or jars.

For more Infused oil suggestions check out ADD A DASH OF FLAVOUR WITH INFUSED OILS

For the chocolate lovers in your life

Cacao Nut Clusters


25g Raw Cacao Powder

1 tbsp (20ml) Raw Honey

60g Coconut oil

1 cup mixed nuts, toasted

2 tbsp chopped dried fruit (optional)


  1. Line a tray with grease-proof paper and place in the fridge.

  2. Chop larger nuts like Brazil nuts, so all nuts are roughly the same size.

  3. Place the coconut oil in a heat-proof glass bowl over a pot hot water.

  4. Once melted combine with cacao powder and honey.

  5. Stir in nuts and mix to coat well. If you want dried fruit

  6. Spoon the chocolate-nut mix into individual clusters onto your pre-chilled tray.

  7. Place in refrigerator until the clusters set.

With all these gifts, place in nice jars and or bottles. Ensure they are cleaned and sterilised . Then pretty the container with a nice label, ribbon or jute twine or cloth for the lid.

Who wouldn’t love a gift like this?

Do you have your own homemade Christmas gifts you can share. We would love to hear about them.

Have fun making your earthly passionate gifts.

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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