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Planning Christmas to be less wasteful

So, you have got all your gifts and you know what you are doing for dinner, but have you considered what happens after the celebrations? To ensure you are having a green Christmas, you can plan to reduce your waste.

Firstly, ensure you are not over-catering for the Christmas lunch/dinner. With a little planning, you can ensure there is enough food for everyone and not too much leftover. Remember the leftovers don’t have to go to waste. There are many meals that can be made from turkey or ham. Vegetables can be thrown into casseroles or stews. Bread or crackers can make great breadcrumbs, which can be frozen. Herbs can e chopped and placed into an ice cube tray with oil or water and then frozen, making ice cubes that are a suitable size for flavour many meals. Just ensure that all leftovers go into the fridge, once the meal is over and consumed within three days. Otherwise freeze leftovers, splitting the leftovers into manageable portions e.g. for a meal.

Also, if planning to use disposables avoid plastic. Instead get biodegradable dinner-sets (example our EcoSouLife dinner-sets). There are many types made from husk, palm leaf or cornstarch. We would always suggest to use a reusable dinner set and glasses. Use linen or cotton napkins rather than single-use napkins and NO straws of course. A better option, that still fulfils your needs, but is nicer to the environment.

And remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where possible.

Celebrate being green at Christmas,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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