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In taking the steps to be more eco-friendly, one area you can look at is how you launder your clothes. There are a few changes when washing clothes that can make a huge difference, particularly if everyone takes these steps.

1. Use an Energy efficient Washer: If you need a new washer, look at getting an energy efficient model. Make sure it saves on both water and energy, which will mean you will be reducing your impact on the earth as well as lowering your bills. But it doesn’t mean if your current machine is working fine that you should go out and replace it.

2. Turn the heat down: Did you know about 90 percent of the energy associated with laundrying involves heating the water. Try setting the dial to cold. There are many detergents out there that wash just as well in cold water as in hot. So why are you wasting the energy?

3. Wash only with full loads: I know it is very tempting to wash clothes as you need them, but if your washer is half full you are using a lot of energy. Did you know that even with the most energy efficient washing machine uses 150 litres of water per load. Try saving on the number of loads you do, by ensuring they are all full loads – less energy, less water, less detergent and less costs.

4. Hang your clothes out to dry: Avoid using a clothes dryer. Not only will save on using energy, but you save on your electricity bills, keep the shape of your clothes and extend their life. So use your clothes line or clothes rack.

5. Use non-chlorine bleach: Not only is chlorine bleach bad for our waterways, but bad for our health. Oxygen bleach is an excellent cleaner at removing organic stains on clothes or around the house. 100% Sodium Percarbonate has effective formula that is gentle on you, your family and the environment. Give our MiEco 100% Sodium Percarbonate a try:

6. Clothes pegs: There are things like clothes pegs that we don’t think about. We forget that these everyday items do eventually end up in landfill or if they even fall off the line, they can eventually end up in our waterways. That is why we find that bamboo clothes pegs, such as the MiEco pegs, are so good. Both sustainable and biodegradable. Another good option is stainless steel pegs, like the EverEco pegs. If you need some you can find them in our shop at:

7. Switch to eco-friendly detergents and stain removers: Do you know what is in your detergents? Many detergents contain toxins and pollutants that can affect our skin and the waterways. Eco-friendly laundry detergents like ECOlogic Laundry Liquid, will remove stubborn ground in-dirt without using harsh chemicals and the environmental friendly solution allows you to recycle the laundry water on your garden. It is easier than ever to rethink how you wash your clothes with environmentally friendly detergents. Order ECOlogic detergent here:

Do you have more suggestions? Let us know. We would love to hear your comments.

Make the earthly passionate move to clean up your laundry.

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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