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It is the end of July and it may be the end of Plastic Free July, but this doesn't mean has to be the end of your journey to becoming plastic free. You have probably learned how to remove certain plastics from your everyday life and I'm sure some other areas were challenging. Don't let it stop here. Continue to keep challenging yourself to remove plastic from your life.

We are still working on removing plastic from our life, both in the home and the workplace, but we have amazed ourselves at how much we have done. Our rubbish bin is so much smaller. No longer do we have a cupboard full of plastic bags. Cling wrap, straws, single use plastic cups, toothbrushes and kitchen scrubbers are just some of things we have replaced and it has been so good. We are definitely having less plastic around the house, but we are also less wasteful - making the best use of everything.

So keep plugging away at been plastic free ...You will get!

You can do it, be earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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