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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 20

Drive Less, Walk More

Tonight I am going to be short and sweet, as this is one you have to think about and plan. A simple and yet more effective ways to live eco-friendly is to either take public transportation for your daily commute or try car-pooling with your work colleagues to save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint. If work or school is not too far away, why not walk or ride a bicycle. All of these changes have great benefits for your well being – public transport takes away the stress of driving and gives you time to read or listen to music. Car-pooling can be a social aspect of your working day. Walking and cycling are great forms of exercise and get you out in the fresh air. Why not make the change?

One more task to go. Just let us know what you think of this challenge.

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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