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If you are still looking for gifts, why not get something from your garden (or from your nearest nursery or farm). Plants can bring a lot of colour to a home and can be the ideal gift for those who like gardening. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Potted plant – like flowers or succulents. Pretty the gift by adding a ribbon or get the kids to decorate the pot.

  2. Herbs – for the cook in the family. Ideal to have near the kitchen and also, to add a touch of greenery.

  1. Bring a basket of garden goodies – make a gift of the vegetables and fruit you have grown. Many people will appreciate it, as it is a great change from sweet and chocolate items many get.

  1. Miniature fruiting tree – can be kept in a pot or sown in the garden. Ideal for those limited on space and yet want to have a garden.

  1. Volunteer or a Voucher – for those moving house and need a helping hand with the landscaping, offer your services. This will be really appreciated. If you are not up to this, then a voucher to help them to get what they need or to get some help.

Hope this helps you out, while keeping it green,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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