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THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS... and making the little things count.

Christmas isn’t all about the planning, the decorations, the dinner and the many other things you add to your list. It is about creating memories and spending time with the kids. One of the ways to do this is to make Christmas Crafts together. Here are a few eco-friendly suggestions:

  1. Use old socks and decorate with buttons and ribbons to make into Christmas stockings.

  2. Trace out Christmas shapes, like Angels, Christmas trees, stars and baubles, using cardboard from old boxes or paper. Paint to add colour.

  3. Make Christmas tags and cards for your gifts, using leftover paper and cardboard.

  4. Make Christmas crackers, Christmas characters or napkin holders using toilet rolls.

  1. Create a homemade wreath using a paper or cardboard or collect some leaves, ferns or twigs from the garden to make a natural wreath. Make it your own style.

  1. Create a natural Christmas tree, using some branches or twigs, pine cones and gum nuts.

  2. Create your own gift wrapping. Get the kids to colour in recycled paper or craft paper.

  3. Use old shirts or tops to make baubles or Christmas characters.

  4. Make a book of the kids art for Grandparents.

  1. Use egg cartons to make Christmas characters.

Have fun making your earthly passionate crafts,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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