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Last week was Recycling Week here in Australia and I thought we should have a chat about it. Recycling is a great way to help the environment. Many people are doing their bit around the home by recycling, but often neglect the garden. Rather than buy new gardening products there are many items that can get a second life. It will reduce your waste, save you money and prevent pollution of the land, waterways and air. There are numerous things you can recycle and you can become very creative, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Composting

Yes, composting. Rather than letting your kitchen scraps go into a bin they can be composted along with grass clippings and garden waste. Even old newspaper and egg shells can be added and once broken down makes for a great fertiliser for the garden soil to allow other plants to grow.

2. Milk and drink bottle

These can have many uses in the garden. As storage for liquids like natural pesticides or fertilisers. If cut in half the base can be used as a flower pot, just don’t forget to punch some holes for drainage. The top can be used as a slow release water supply, if capped and a very small hole made in the neck, before placing it in the ground next to a plant. The other thing I use plastic bottles for is mini-greenhouse, not so much to keep the atmosphere warm for plants, but to protect seedlings in the early stages from insects and harsh weather. And there are many more ideas.

Using milk and drink bottles in the garden. Cut in half. Don't forget to punch holes in the base to allow air flow. Use over seedling like we did in our garden.

3. Egg cartons

Use as seedling trays/pots. When the plants are ready to transplant, the sections can be torn and the seedling along with the egg carton portion can go straight into the garden. The cardboard will decompose.

4. Toilet roll tubes and newspaper

Just like egg cartons toilet roll tubes and newspaper can make great seedling pots.

5. Paper and Boxes

These can be shredded into pieces and used as mulch or mixed in with your current mulch.

6. Old bricks and stones.

I use these as dividers, stepping stones or as footpaths. They can be even used to weigh down some items. If you are creative, you can make a decorative mosaic in the garden with different pieces. I’m sure you can find a use for them.

7. Plastic containers

Instead of going to landfill, keep seeds dry and safe in such containers. Even store some of your garden accessories like twine, clips, name tags, etc. Bigger containers can be used for garden tools.

8. Bamboo sticks and wooden stakes

Don’t throw these away after one use. They can be used over and over again until they break or fall apart. Then they can be used for mulch. I have even made trellis from used wooden sticks. Not only is it useful, but it gives the garden a rustic look.

All it takes is a bit of imagination to see what you have around the house, that can have a second life in the garden. Have fun coming up with some new ideas. We hope this gives you the start you need to recycle in the garden.

Have fun being earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

P.S. Don't forget to tell us what you think of this post or give us your suggestions. We love to hear from you.

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