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Hello everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and are making the most of the extra day off (well, for those living in Australia). Having the long weekend has given me a chance to relax, spent time with the family and to get out and about in our lovely city of Melbourne. There are so many things to see and do, that sometimes it is hard to choose. However, I have noticed that we all feel we have to be doing something at the weekend or we are not living life. But do we really need to be doing something?

Sometimes I think we feel under pressure to have the big parties, to go to the latest cinema release or to the latest festival. This time of year always cracks me up as the winter toy sales start. I have heard Mums worry over what toys “they have to get” and to start stocking up for Christmas. Now, I am all for being prepared and if you are on a tight budget making a payment plan makes a whole lot of sense, but we know for a lot of people it is about getting the best, being the first and having more presents to give on the day. Will this make Christmas anymore eventful?

Over the years we have learned to enjoy the simpler moments. This doesn’t mean we don’t love going to the cinema, festivals and special events. We just find that we are happier when we make our own fun in everyday things.

As a family we love going to the market and we are lucky to have so many at our doorstep. It is so enjoyable doing our weekly shop, picking the best of fresh fruit and veg. Although the intention is to do our household shopping, it is not all about the food, it is about the atmosphere. For us, it has become a family event. Our kids always ask are we going, knowing that at the end of the shopping, a lovely breakfast is in store that could be from any country in the world. The smells, the colours, the stall holders banter and the chats along the way make this a weekly event instead of a chore. It is also a time for us all to connect as a family – having a chat over coffee and hot chocolates.

For a long time, our kids would moan when we suggested we are going for a walk. I think, not only the kids but the adults too, find it easier to sit on the couch. Thank God, for Lester our Golden Retriever. He has been the best excuse for us to get out and about because even if one of us doesn’t feel like putting the runners on, we know we need to get out for his sake. Well, on Saturday we did just that. Even though there was a chill in the air, the sun was out and everyone was prepared to go. So off we went to our local park that has a walkway by a creek, only to be half way through our walk for the heavens to open. We had to run to the nearest trees for cover and watch our silly dog roll around in the mud. With the rain not stopping we had to make a dash back to the car. This should have been really miserable, but do you know what? We were all laughing and talking about how cold it was and “whose idea was this”. It will be a moment we will remember.

Lester after his muddy trek.

Some of our greatest memories are going to the beach. Mucking about in the water, building sandcastles and the picnics. There is always the moment when we have to see who can dig the greatest hole. Then Rich, my husband has to get in and the kids try to cover his legs and part of his body with sand in the hope, for once he will get stuck.

These are the moments our children will remember and they have certainly given fond memories to us. It can be very tempting to go to all the latest concerts or exhibitions, but I find although the latest thing can very interesting it is often not so memorable and doesn’t create those moments. I don’t want my kids to grow up feeling that the world has to entertain them. I want them to see they can find entertainment in the world around them and even in the simplest of things. Not that the intention is to be eco-friendly, it most likely will give our children a love for those around them and the world they live in.

Live earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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