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Plastic Free July has begun and we know there are a few of you out there not sure where to start. To some it can feel a bit daunting if you think you must change your whole lifestyle, but that is not the case. It is like starting any new hobby or skill – it just takes some practice. Also, just making one or two changes at a time, is far easier than going all in at first.

Over July we will be sharing plastic-free living tips to give you a nudge towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We hope you get inspiration from them to try one or two challenges at first, and then gradually taking on the rest. Believe me, we are not perfect in this area either; we are still learning, but we are amazed at how far we have come.

So, to our first tip, which is an easy to start with – Swap out plastic shopping bags for reusable shopping bags.

It can seem harmless when you grabbing a few items at the supermarket and placing them in a plastic bag …what can one bag do to the environment? However, over a year it builds up. If you do a weekly shop, you will have collected up to 2000 plastic bags or more in five years which ends up in landfill. Hard to believe.

Reusing or recycling one ton of plastic bags is like saving energy that is equivalent to 11 barrels of oil! But better still, avoid the plastic bags the next time you go to the shops. Instead bring a reusable bag with you. Often they are larger and far sturdier than the plastic bags supplied at the supermarkets. Also, remember to recycle those plastic bags gathering in your cupboard/drawer by disposing them in the recycling bin now found in many supermarkets. If you are as lucky as us, some councils allow you to place soft plastic bags in the recycling. So check out your local council’s website for details.

Have an earthly passionate July,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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