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Plastic is everywhere. and it may seem hard to think how can we stop using it. An estimated 20,700 tonnes of plastic are disposed of in landfill sites throughout Australia every year. We cannot continue using plastic like this.

One way to reduce this is to buy refillable containers like spray bottles. When it is time to get more just buy the bulk refill amount or the concentrate and dilute. Over time, you'll buy and dispose of fewer containers.

Have a look at the products in your household like a laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, sauces or even baking items like flour, baking powder, salt and much more. Then look for a refillable option, particularly if they come in bulk and especially if they are in eco-friendly packaging and switch to this. You may even start making your own sprays and cleaners. By doing this, you will help reduce the amount of packaging, particularly plastic that ends up in landfill. If you start by getting refillables for one or two products, you can do the same for another product and so on.

Use refillable containers

Keep working on being earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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