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Just a few quick words about shopping and being a more conscious consumer. Grabbing a few items in the supermarket and placing them in a plastic bag may seem harmless…what can one bag do to the environment? However, over a year it builds up. If you do a weekly shop, you will have collected up to 2000 plastic bags or more in five years which ends up in landfill. Hard to believe.

On the other hand if we reused or recycled one ton of plastic bags, that is like saving energy that is equivalent to 11 barrels of oil! So the next time you go to the shops, bring that reusable bag with you. Also, remember to recycle those plastic bags that you have stored away in a cupboard, by disposing them in the recycling bin now found in many supermarkets. Opt for products packaged in more eco-friendly material or no packaging at all.

Reduce the plastic you bring home when shopping.

Another step to being earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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