• Attracta Roach


With Mother’s Day around the corner it is time to celebrate that special person in your life, your Mum. Mums (Mom, Ma, Mammy) are always there for us and as children we often don’t see that. When I was a child, often my siblings and I would get very boisterous (all eight of us) and of course we would be complaining about doing our chores. My Mum would say under gritted teeth “you are all taking me for granted”. We must have been doing her head in. As a kid you don’t realise until you are an adult or when you have children of your own how our mothers have done so much for us.

It is time to celebrate the woman that was there for you when you were sick or had a bad dream, wiped away your tears when you fell, cleaned your snotty nose and championed every rehearsal or sports activity. You can give your Mum flowers and chocolates or expensive gifts, but what most Mum’s want to hear is thank you and how you love her.

Not that I’m saying I would refuse a bit of pampering. It is nice to be able to sleep in and to b