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With Mother’s Day around the corner it is time to celebrate that special person in your life, your Mum. Mums (Mom, Ma, Mammy) are always there for us and as children we often don’t see that. When I was a child, often my siblings and I would get very boisterous (all eight of us) and of course we would be complaining about doing our chores. My Mum would say under gritted teeth “you are all taking me for granted”. We must have been doing her head in. As a kid you don’t realise until you are an adult or when you have children of your own how our mothers have done so much for us.

It is time to celebrate the woman that was there for you when you were sick or had a bad dream, wiped away your tears when you fell, cleaned your snotty nose and championed every rehearsal or sports activity. You can give your Mum flowers and chocolates or expensive gifts, but what most Mum’s want to hear is thank you and how you love her.

Not that I’m saying I would refuse a bit of pampering. It is nice to be able to sleep in and to be treated to a nice breakfast or a meal later on. So for you kids out there, here are a few handy hints on what to do for your Mum on Sunday. You can be young or old to follow these suggestions as most are inexpensive. And Mums, don’t be afraid to print this list out and leave it out in all those places where everyone can see it.

  1. Create A Photo Album – be creative and gather a collection of memories. From photos to kid's art and momentos or family treasures. Your Mum will really appreciate it.

  2. Homemade gift – a present from the art, where you can design yourself and personalise. Get inspiration from Pinterest.

  3. Plan a day out with your Mum – If you don’t have the time to be creative or don’t feel you can make a gift, organise a day out with Mum. Bring her to her favourite place, cinema, stage show or it can be as simple as going to your local park and preparing a picnic. It doesn't matter what your budget is, you can still surprise your mother by spending time with her.

  4. Help Around the House – this is great for young kids, as they can enclose coupons with their Mother’s day card stating what they will do – vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, dusting, etc.

  5. A chance to sleep in – Mother’s day is a chance to sleep in. Give your mother a chance to do this.

  6. Let her read a book, listen to music or watch a movie – give her a chance to relax.

  7. No matter what you do, you must treat her to breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three – you don’t have to go out for this. Let her sit back while you do all the cooking. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Often the simplest recipes are the tastiest.

Breakfast ideas: 1. Muesli, fruit, juice, coffee. Could also have some bread and an egg. 2. French pastries and coffee

Lunch ideas: 1. Caprese -basil, mozzarella, tomato and olive oil. 2. Antipasti - Prosciutto, salami, cheeses and continental bread.

Dinner ideas: 1. Ravioli with sundried tomatoes and basil 2. Seared salmon and salad. Don't forget the wine.

Mother’s day serves as a reminder of all the amazing things mothers do each and every day for us. So whatever you decide to do for your Mum remember to say Thank You.

And finally to my own mother:

Thank You for your patience, good heart and putting up with a lot of grief from all us kids. Although we are far apart and I may not always say it, you are always in my heart. Thank you for being there. Love you!

Have a lovely time preparing your gifts and having some special time with your Mum.

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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