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The nerd in me loves technology and I do think we can look to new technology to help us live an eco-friendly life. With many researchers looking at new ways to develop green technology, it makes me eager to see what sustainable materials and products will be produced in the future. How will we generate energy? What will our homes look like? And how manufacturers will reduce waste and toxic effects on the environment by using green solutions.

I have come across some great trends and although some of them are quirky and may never become mainstream, I thought you might like to see these fun and creative eco products.

Power your devices while on the go with Solar powered back-packs. Companies are producing solar backpacks, like this one from SunLabz. It features a solar panel fitted with high efficiency solar cells, 5V USB port, weather resistant and lightweight.

The Philips myGardensolar powered LED light is a weatherproof solar light that require no power cables.

Sustainable eco pods, this design by IN-TENTA is designed with mobility in mind with all the essentials for a comfortable home.

Instead of large solar panel our roof tiles will become the solar cells. The semi-conductor material converts solar energy to electrical energy.

Eco Cube Speakers for lovers of music. Powered by your MP3 player or Audio Source. These Eco Cube speakers are made out from 70% recycled material.

If you are wanting save water you could use the Washup Washing Machine Toilet is a 2 in 1 solution designed by SevinCoskun. Ideal for small homes that have limited space, allows grey water to be collected during the laundry process and making it available for toilet flushing.

Photo: Gaspard Tiné-Berès

Designers are looking at using sustainable and recyclable cork for kitchen appliances.

No one can know for certain that any of these products and designs will become the type of items you want to have around your home, but it gives me hope that with more research in these areas we can certainly come up with better ways to live without affecting our health and the environment.

Keep earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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