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So Winter has arrived and we are starting to feel the chills. Are you all set for it? I actually love the change in seasons. I know some people will think I am daft, but there something great about the change. Maybe it is the Irish person in me! Although it is a lot colder, there is a freshness in the air and the world seems to be a lot quieter or even still.

This doesn’t mean we neglect our eco lifestyle. In fact, with each season we learn new tricks to become eco-friendlier, which has meant in time we don’t even notice these changes. Over the years especially when we have moved house, I have included some eco habits along the way to ensure we avoid waste and overuse of energy. You might like to have a look at what we do and add one or two of these changes to your life.

  1. Set your programmable thermostat – We all like to be warm, but heating a house or rooms when no one is in them is very wasteful. Set the timer on your thermostat to come on a half an hour before you wake up or when you come home from work. Only have the heating come on when it is needed. Also, switch off heating in rooms and close off those rooms that are rarely in use.

  2. Seal gaps – Check around doors and windows for leaks that are adding to the chill in your house. If you are finding these areas a bit drafty, you can seal them up with caulk. If you are crafty, you can make a door runner to block out the cold air.

  3. Insulate – ensure all the walls and the roof of the house are insulated. If you are in an older house, you may need to determine where you can insulate and the cost may become a factor.

  1. Double glazing – I have to admit we don’t have double glazed windows in our current house as we are renting, but in previous houses we have had it and it is wonderful. I know I will be getting it in the next house we build. You find you don’t have to turn up the heat too often as very little heat escapes through the double glazed window. A bonus is in summer is the same windows keep the heat out.

  2. Close your curtains – Now I prefer to see daylight, but when the evening is approaching it is time to close the curtains. It gets much colder at night and soft furnishing, such as curtains and blinds around your windows and doors retains heat indoors. The thicker the curtains the better.

  3. Put on extra clothes, not the heat – it is very tempting to crank up the heat, when all you need to do is to pop on a woolly cardigan or jumper. Even when you walk around on cold surfaces such as tiles or wooden floors, it is better to wear thick socks or slippers then feel you have to turn up the heat. Maybe place a rug in areas where the flooring feels really cold. If you are still cold snuggle up under a blanket or to that special person in your life.

  4. Why not move – not house, but do some exercise. Nothing like a bit of sweat to get you warm and it is so healthy for you.

  5. Bedtime wonders- start using a hot water bottle instead of electric blankets. If you place your hot water in the bed a half an hour before you go to bed and maybe move it around once or twice, your bed will be warm before you jump in. Also, invest in some good quilts and blankets made from natural fibres such as wool and bamboo, like our bamboo bed-sheets (check out here

  6. Cook warm food and drinks – it is amazing how a warm meal can make you feel warm and cosy.

I hope you can use one or two of these suggestions. As time goes on, you can keep adding on a suggestion and you will be amazed how these little things will become habits, making your life more earthly passionate.

Take care,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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