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I know it is normal to do a big cleanout in Springtime, after being couped up in the house for winter, but it is just as important to prepare for the colder months of the winter. There are a few eco-cleaning tips to consider this autumn. Here in Australia we are in Autumn (Fall), but even though these tips are for Autumn, they can be used as part of your Spring clean in the northern hemisphere.

1. Cleaning out your heating: Do you have a fireplace or a furnace? If you do, it is a good time to have your chimneys cleaned and get vent systems checked. Cleaning your heating equipment will keep your energy costs in check and efficiency. Ensure filters are replaced in furnaces increases to prevents dirt and allergens from circulating.

2. Check your insulation: It is a good idea to check the condition of your insulation. Head to your attic and see if the insulation needs repairs or if you need to insulate. Consider getting recycled insulation e.g. cotton/denim insulation.

Look at areas like plumbing (hot water pipes). Do they need lagging?

3. Seals around doors and windows: Also known as caulking, make sure the seals around your doors and windows are in good repair. Replace any cracked or broken seals.

4. Introduce houseplants: Your house is going to be closed for the winter, so introducing a natural air-purifying such as household plants is good for your environments. If you do use any air purifiers or humidifiers make sure their filters are clean and working efficiently.

5. Make some draft excluder: Recycle some of your old clothing and make some draft excluders for your doorways.

6. Install a programmable thermostat: This cut down energy costs and energy waste as you will use less fuel when your house is held at a constant temperature. The ideal temperature to set your thermostat atis 20°C (68°F).

7. Keep heat in with your windows: Consider installing new and more efficient windows e.g. double glazing. Also, hang thicker curtains to keep heat in and the cold out.

8. Cleaning around the home green: Clean around the house using natural cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. If DIY cleaners are not your thing, then you can try our range of Organic Clean products a go, like our all-purpose cleaner: earthly passion for the home shop

9. Move furniture: Without realising it many objects around our homes can be obstructions for our heaters and vents. Make sure furniture is not blocking these areas. Also, it is a good idea to remove any dust or debris from these areas by dusting and vacuuming.

10. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan: If you have a ceiling fan, reverse the direction. Instead of blowing a breeze (or a Gail-force wind in my case), reversing the direction allows the air to be drawn upwards and down the walls. This gently re-circulates the warm air.

11. Laundry: It is a good idea to launder any summer linens and bedding. Set your washing machine to cold and use an appropriate detergent (give our ecologic detergent a go at earthly passion at home ) and then line drying while the weather is still warm.

12. Last few things: Not necessary eco-friendly but important checks to do – check your smoke detectors, clean out the gutters, remove objects (toys and garden tools) from your garden to remove flying objects in storms, remove over hanging/ risk of breaking tree limbs and flip your mattress.

If you have anymore suggestions, don’t keep them a secret. We would love to hear about them, so please feel free to comment.

Be earthly passionate,

Attracta & the earthly passion team.

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