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  • Attracta Roach, with thanks to Sierra Club


If you are still sitting on the fence or are finding it hard to believe that Climate change is actually happening, have a look at this short film by Sierra Club, the Environmental Media Association (EMA), and RYOT. This footage demonstrates exactly the impact climate change has had on our glaciers and the lives of the people living in these areas. Although we have noticed some changes in our own environment (increase in bushfires, storm activity, etc), we would rather keep cool in our air conditioned houses or heat them when the temperature drops. Drive to our local shop or use that clothes dryer because we need that shirt straight away. We are blinded to the fact that our planet is going through some dramatic changes.

Although prepared for the Paris Climate talks, the message is still relevant. Narrated by Jared Leto, the film will allow you to explore communities in Alaska and the affect the melting glaciers are having on them.

I hope this helped and has convinced you even further that we all need to act.

Have an earthly passionate day.

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