If you want to replace plastic cling wrap then you will love SugarWrap eco cling wrap. The first eco-product of its kind. SugarWrap cling wrap is a thin plastic film made from natural sugarcane, which is typically used for sealing food items to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. The SugarWrap range offers the same functional durability as regular petro-based plastics, however, it is carbon positive and completely sustainable and renewable.

Sugar Wrap Eco Clingwrap 60m

  • Why you will love SugarWrap eco cling wrap

    • Cling wrap that is durable and creates a great airtight seal.
    • Perfect for preparing, cooking or storing meals.
    • Easy to dispense. Packaged with a cutting blade for easy application.
    • Microwavable – can be used to heat up or defrost food in the microwave as well as stores in the freezer.
    • Freezable.
    • Vegetable-Based.
    • Food Safe – hygienically store food preventing contamination and food-borne illnesses.
    • SugarWrap eco cling wrap is made from natural sugarcane which is great for you and great for the environment.
    • Bio-PE renewable material.
    • 60 Metres x 30cm

    Made from sustainable sugarcane Bio-PE renewable material, that has no impact on global food production and also only occupies 1.5% of Brazilian arable land area, with no impact on vital Amazon Rain Forest areas. Brazilian sugarcane is cultivated in the Southeast of Brazil, some 2,000 km away from the Amazon Forest.