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Use the handwash everyday in your kitchen or bathroom instead of that horrible, synthetic anti-bacterial mass-produced crap that most supermarkets sell.


A beautifully scented hand wash with Australian botanicals, designed for gentle and effective cleansing of hands and body, without stripping and drying the skin.


Spit Tea Tree hand wash leaves the hands clean, soft and subtle. The original Australian botanicals based formula makes this product an excellent everyday family hand and body wash, gentle enough for children and the whole family, including those with sensitive skin.


Your hands will thank you, trust us!


Spit products are proudly Made in Australia

Spit Tattoo Tea Tree Handwash 300mL

  • This balm contains all the essentials for the most natural healing for your skin:

    - Extra virgin olive oil

    - Bees wax

    - Extra virgin coconut oil

    - Hemp oil

    - Tea tree oil

    - Vitamin E

    Spit products are proudly made in Australia.

  • Using your fingers scoop out a small amount of Spit Tea Tree Balm and gently pat or rub into your fresh tatt.

    We recommend applying Spit Balm 2-3 times a day, particularly when your tatts begin to scab.