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chinacea is a purple flower with a prominent central cone, giving it the more common name of ‘Coneflower’. They are loved by pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies, making an attractive addition to a cottage style garden.


After watching your flowers bloom, they make a lovely cut flower, or are also widely used as a medicinal herb.  The herb encourages the immune system (by increasing white blood cells) and reduces symptoms of cold, flus and other illnesses.  The plant label included with each pack includes a simple recipe for making tea with the flowers and leaves.


Plant in free draining soil in a sunny location. Bury seeds as deep as the height of the seed and keep soil moist.


Featuring original artwork by Daniella Germain, the Echinacea Gift of Seeds includes a packet of mixed seeds, a plastic plant label and sowing instructions.

Variety: Echinacea Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea 

Sow n Sow Echinacea seeds

  • 🌿 The packaging is stunning as it is hand illustrated designs by Australian artist Daniella Germain

    🌿 There is space to write a message on the back

    🌿 Made from 100% recycled paper and card

    🌿 A tear-away plant label is included which can be used to mark out where your seeds

    🌿 Produced by the Sow n Sow team in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, QLD

    🌿 Each card contains seeds in a recycled paper envelope

    🌿They make for a great gift