Handcrafted with Quality and Safety in mind.

The Slobber Beads Baltic Amber bracelets are designed specifically for babies. In Europe it is believed that wearing the Baltic amber close to the skin is a remedy for teething, including conditions such as eczema, colds, asthma, acid reflux and sleeplessness. Baltic amber products are not designed to be chewed but worn against the skin. Handcrafted with your child's safety in mind. Each bead is individually knotted and rounded to prevent sharp edges and held together with a safety screw clasp.

Slobber Beads are a registered Company with International Amber Association. The Certificate granted by the Association guarantees producers use only natural raw amber, properly processed to obtain the highest quality final product, free of artificial pressed amber.

Slobber Beads Baltic Amber Bracelet Cognac, Round

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    Length: 13 -14cm Certificate included with your bracelet What is Baltic Amber? Baltic amber is not a semi-precious stone, but the ancient resin of trees that are up to 50 million years old. In the Baltic region it is washed up on the beach after a storm. Legend has it that these pieces of amber are the teardrops of a goddess washed ashore. Slobber Beads amber is from the Baltic region in Eastern Europe which contains the highest concentration of succinic acid (3-8%). Product is designed in Australia with 100% Authentic Amber sourced from Poland.