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Have you thought about exfoliating or giving yourself a body & foot scrub, but not sure what to use? Well, we can offer you an environmental alternative. You will love the story behind Safix Foot & Body Scrub pads. This innovative product had its beginnings in rural India, where women were using loose coconut fibre to exfoliate. The name Safix is derived from the Hindi word for 'clean'. Now over 200 women in rural India make these Safix scourers, providing economic independence for their community. 

Safix scrub pads are made from 100% coconut fibre bound together by a non-toxic adhesive. You will notice the difference when you compare them to other scrub pads. If you want to refresh your Safix scrub pad, simply add it to your clothes wash or boil in water. After use, it can simply be composted.

Safix™ Coconut Fibre Foot & Body Scrub Pads

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    Why you should choose these Safix™ pads •Made from 100% Natural Coconut fibres • Great exfoliant. •Lightly exfoliates, removing dead skin. • Never splinters, unlike other pads. •Uses less soap, but produces more suds. •Stay fresh and effective for months. •Non-toxic – safe for your hands. •Biodegradable – dispose of in the garden. •Safe from bacteria and germs, as non-absorbent and air dries easily. •Durable – it will last for months, up to four times longer than other pads. Make your exfoliating effortless with the Natural Safix pads What you need to know about these Safix pads •You can order 1, 2 or 3 Safix pads •Your support may provide ethical employment for many more women. •Eco-friendly packaging, manufactured from recycled materials Bring a little Earthly Passion into your life
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