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Biologika Lavender Fields Organic Deodorant Roll-on, 70mL


Your skin deserves the best. When you apply a deodorant do you know exactly what you are putting on your skin? You want an effective and gentle deodorant, but you don't expect to be absorbing toxic chemicals from it. But with many of the deodorants available, that is exactly what they are doing to our skin. Biologika Organic deodorant is made from organic ingredients without the dangers of harmful chemicals, which allows your health to improve by lessening the use of toxic chemicals. Don't you and your family deserve this?


Be confident and feel dry

1. Biologika organice deodorant is incredibly gentle against your delicate skin.

2. Effective - keeps you dry through the day.

3. Refreshing fragrance of Lavender Fields.

4. 95% ACO certified organic.

5. Aluminium free.

6. Refreshing blend of certified organic herbs, pure essential oils.

7. Works on reducing the bacteria that causes body odour.

Organic Deodorant Biologika Lavender Field Roll On