Fish shape, Single packAs a Mum, I hated to hear my children fuss and scream with the agony of teething. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do to calm them down - All you want to do is comfort them. Soothers and teething rings can really help with their discomfort, but you don’t want to introduce ugly, chemical filled plastic to your baby’s mouth. This is why we are offering the natural rubber soother by makeUwell®. Stylishly designed and ideal for both bottle-fed babies and for bubs who are being breastfed. You will find these soothers as they are gentle on those tender gums, yet robust enough to handle constant chewing. The textured surface will offer great relief and will prepare your baby for the arrival of their teeth by stimulating the gums.Have a happy and safe baby using makeUwell Natural Rubber Teething Soother. 

Natural rubber teething soother from makeUwell®

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    Why the makeUwell Natural Rubber Teething Soothers are so good: -Extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece. This means there are no joins or cracks in the natural rubber soother where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. -Soft on babies gums, yet durable to take the abuse of teething. -The Natural Rubber soother is softer than silicone or plastic teething soothers. -Easy to wash and care for. The Natural Rubber Teething Soother contains: -No BPA -No chemical softeners -No parabens -No PVC -No Phthalates -No Allergy causing substances -No artificial colouring or chemical softners Product Ingredients -100% Pure Natural Rubber