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Natures soap alternative

Often we take great care in choosing our clothes and household goods, but never give a thought to the detergents or stain removers we use. Most commercial laundry detergents release harsh chemicals and toxins, like phosphates and sodium laurel sulphate, but there is an eco-friendly alternative to everyday detergents.


MiEco Organic Soap Nuts are 100% natural, coming from the seed pod of a macadamia-sized berry called Sapindus Mukorossi. The seed pod is cracked open and dried in the sun. The shells (known as 'soapnuts') can be placed into your washing machine instead of detergent and fabric softener and will leave your clothes clean, soft and without scent. They are simple to use – only 4 soap nuts are needed per machine wash load. Just place in the wash bag supplied and they can be used 4 – 5 times.


These soap nuts, which come directly from India, come with many uses. They are great as a laundry detergent, personal cleanser, shampoo and general-purpose cleaner, Safe for you and the environment.

MiEco Organic Soap Nuts 1kg

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  • Why you should choose the MiEco Organic Soap Nuts

    ·       Natural detergent

    ·       Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal 

    ·       Non-allergenic soap nuts(not a nut, but berries)

    ·       Biodegradable

    ·       Wild harvested (organic)    

    ·       Beneficial to grey-water and septic systems

    ·       Non-toxic to animals, plants and human

    ·       It does not weaken fabrics like other detergents

    ·       Phosphate Free

    ·       NO artificial colours or synthetic fragrances

    ·       NO animal testing

    ·       Eco-friendly

  • What MiEco Organic Soap Nuts can be used for

    Can be used on many fabrics, including baby clothes, nappies, delicates like silks and woolens, towels and gym gear. Always run a test on a small portion of fabric before using the whole garment. 

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