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There are things like clothes pegs that we don’t think about. We forget that these everyday items do eventually end up in landfill or if they even fall off the line, they can eventually end up in our waterways. That is why we went in search of clothes pegs that are both sustainable and biodegradable. MiEco Clothes Pegs are made from bamboo and use a degradable steel spring, while being packaged recycled cardboard box.

MiEco Bamboo Clothes Pegs

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    Why choose bamboo pegs:  Bamboo is totally sustainable. Fast growing - it can be harvested every three years. Bamboo doesn’t require re-planting as it continually puts up new sprouts. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, so it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers during growth. Bamboo is farmed unlike wood which comes from existing forests. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the air than trees. Bamboo naturally contains very fewer tannins (unlike wooden pegs) which means it won't stain your clothes. Bamboo is strong and durable in Australia's harsh UV conditions.
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