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Wave - Grey, 15oz/430mL

Love your coffee or having a hot brew? Maybe even a cold drink. Want to stop throwing away take-away cups every time you have a drink? Well here is the solution.


The Luvin Life Eco Travel Cups make drinking on the go simple. Luvin Life Eco Travel Cups are environmentally responsible & reusable. Made with natural bamboo fibre – one of the world's most sustainable resources, this product is both light and sturdy. Easy grip and leak proof lids allow you to have drinks on the go without worrying about spillages. Stylishly designed to go anywhere – on the road, at school and in the office.

Luvin Life Eco Travel Cup Blue hoops

AU$11.95 Regular Price
AU$10.76Sale Price
  • Why Luvin Life Eco Travel Cups are so good:

    • Reusable
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Fun design
    • No more disposable cups
    • Comes with a lid so it is difficult to spill or splash the contents
    • Luvin Life Eco Travel Cups are lightweight and unbreakable
    • You are drinking from a proper cup
    • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe
    • Made from bamboo fibre
    • BPA and phthalate
  • Caring for your Luvin Life Eco Travel Cups

    1. Wash before use.
    2. Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths on your Luvin Life Eco Travel Cup.
    3. Care should be taken: scratching or denting the cup or lid can compromise the seal. Even minor abrasion to the rim of the cup or lid seal area will compromise the seal.
    4. Nothing restores the KeepCup like gently rubbing the KeepCup with a paste of bicarbonate soda with lemon and rinsing thoroughly.
    5. In between use ensure the Luvin Life Eco Travel Cup kept dry and stored with the lid off to avoid any unwanted smells developing.
  • Important User Information

    • Caution – boiling liquid will cause pressure build up inside a completely sealed cup.

    • Always take care when consuming hot drinks.

    • Be mindful when using the lid that you will not be able to gauge the temperature of the liquid in the cup.

    • Please check that lid is properly sealed prior to use. If the seal on the lid is compromised or leaks – do not use.

    • Seal in a vertical motion with cup resting on a flat surface.

    • Do not over fill.

    • Do not use for long term storage.

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