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Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes are fortified with a range of B vitamins. Also, known as Nutritional Yeast, one tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast will provide an adult with a full day's supply of B-12. These vitamins help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins which provide the body with energy. Also a rich source of protein. Scientists think it may help treat high blood sugar by lowering blood sugar levels, as well improving glucose tolerance and reducing the amount of insulin needed.

As it has a cheesy flavour it is great for sprinkling over food, making it a great cheese substitute. This is what makes it popular with vegans and vegetarians. Specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of vegetarians and anyone else seeking a diet rich in vitamin B.

Get your energy back with Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes!

Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes 500g/17.6 fl oz

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  • Details

    Ingredients: Dried rolled yeast. Yeast Flakes are made from a one-celled fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. How to use: Savoury Yeast Flakes have a bitter taste. It has a yeasty, almost cheesy flavour. It can be used in: Bread and cake baking (not as a raising agent). -Sprinkle a moderate amount of powdered brewer’s yeast on popcorn to make your own cheese-flavoured variety of this snack. -Salad dressings and toppings on pasta dishes. -Add a teaspoon or two into your own home-made broth/soup. It is often advised that Savoury Yeast Flakes be added at the end or after the food is cooked so that the heat doesn’t wipe out the B vitamins. It cannot be used for beer making as the yeast is inactivated. Do not use Savoury Yeast Flakes if you have the following conditions: -Gout -Candida -High levels of uric acid -Allergy to mould or penicillin
  • Why you should choose the Lotus Savoury Yeast Flak

    • Australian owned.
    • GMO Free.
    • Dairy Free.
    • Vegan.
    • Nut Free.
    • Soy Free.
    • Lactose Free.
    • Wheat Free.
    • Source of Protein and Fibre.
    • Increases energy.
    • Boost the immune system.
    • Helps with improving tolerance to glucose and reducing the need for insulin.
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