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The EVER ECO Nut Milk Bag is U-shaped and made from durable, fine mesh material, with no corners or seams, making the production of nut and seed milk easy (and easy to clean!)


You will love making your own nut milk knowing you will not have any additives, toxins or preservatives which you can find in shop-bought nut milks.


Make your own nut and seed milk, cashew cheese and more!

ever ECO Nut Milk Bag


    • Well designed and quality product
    • U-shaped design has no corners, making the bag easier to clean
    • Many uses – nut & seed milk, cashew cheese, cold brew coffee, sprouting, straining juice or keifer
    • Ultra fine mesh create smooth, pulp-free nut milk
    • Made with Food Grade hygienic BPA free nylon
    • Eco-friendly
    • Reusable
    • Size: 26.5cm wide x 28cm long. BPA free nylon 
    • One bag per box.
  • After each use, turn bag inside out and wash in warm water with a drop of dish liquid then hang to dry.

     Cleaning up is a breeze.