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Need to relax and relieve stress? Then consider taking a bath with some Epzen Pure Bath Crystals. Not only will you relax in these salts, but you will find the Epzen salts reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, relieves muscular aches and pains. 

Epzen Pure Bath Crystals contain pure magnesium sulphate which is absorbed through the skin, drawing toxins from your body. The salts sedates the nervous system to relax you completely. Also, it is great as a natural exfoliant. Do you need to have a bath?

EpZen Pure Bath Crystals, Premium Magnesium 900g

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    Why you should use EpZen Pure Bath Crystals •100% Natural. •EpZEN magnesium bath crystals are of the highest pure quality of laboratory tested magnesium sulphate. •EpZEN pH is in the absolutely optimal range to maintain skin integrity. •This salt regulates the activity of many of the body's enzymes. •Used as a foot soak, in baths or directly onto skin. •Keeps vulnerable pH level of our skin's acid mantle intact - easily disrupted by everyday soaps. •Stress reliever. •Fairtrade How to use EpZen Pure Bath Crystals Use 2 cups in a bathtub, or 1 cup in a foot soak bucket. As a precautionary measure, AVOID using during pregnancy. Add pure natural essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, etc to give a scented bath, but also to use their aromatherapy affects. Enjoy relaxing bath. Order now!
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