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Who doesn't like getting outdoors? And if you like camping there is nothing better than being around family and friends and eating outdoors. But who wants to be using harmful plastic and ceramics? Well there is an alternative - EcoSouLife Camper set.

The EcoSouLife Camper Set is made from vegetable waste matter of cornstarch, bamboo and a small amount of biodegradable PLA resin. It is a sustainable product, that naturally biodegrades once buried the ground. Once buried, the set will biodegrade within 2-3 years.

Here at earthly passion we strive to be sustainable. So does EcoSouLife. The Camper set is packed in a lightweight mesh bag, it's perfect for all journeys and events, easy to wash and dry. Are you wanting to use natural products, that won't harm you or the earth? Now you can go camping knowing the EcoSouLife camper set is safe for you, your family and the earth.

Enjoy camping knowing you are helping to reduce global landfill.

EcoSouLife Camper Set

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    Why you should choose the EcoLife Biodegradable Picnic set •Australian designed •100% Biodegradable •Made from recycled plant materials •Reusable •No harsh chemicals. •BPA free. •Heat resistant. •Dishwasher safe. What you get in the EcoSouLife Picnic set. 1. 1 x large dinner plate 2. 1 x bowl 3. 1 x camper cup 4. 3pc cutlery set 5. 1 reusable mesh bag Note: Do not microwave the EcoSouLife Picnic set.
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