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Who doesn't like getting outdoors on a warm sunny day? And there is nothing better than being around family and friends and having a picnic. But who wants to be using harmful plastic and ceramics? Well there is an alternative - EcoSouLife Picnic set.

The EcoSouLife Picnic Set is made from vegetable waste matter of cornstarch, bamboo and a small amount of biodegradable PLA resin. It is a sustainable product, that naturally biodegrades once buried the ground. Once buried, the set will biodegrade within 2-3 years.

EcoSouLife Biodegradable Picnic Set, Tokyo colours

AU$54.83 Regular Price
AU$43.87Sale Price

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  • Details

    Why you should choose the EcoLife Biodegradable Picnic set •Australian designed •100% Biodegradable •Made from recycled plant materials •Reusable •No harsh chemicals. •BPA free. •Heat resistant. •Dishwasher safe. What you get in the EcoSouLife Picnic set. 1. 4 x large dinner plates 2. 4 x bowls 3. 4 x cups 4. 1 x 24 cutlery set 5. 1 reusable jute bag Note: Do not microwave the EcoSouLife Picnic set. Enjoy a picnic knowing you are helping to reduce global landfill.
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