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Biodegradable & Multipurpose, 1 Piece

When washing dishes, pots and pans, you want something reliable, yet eco-friendly to ensure you do a great job. This dish brush is ideal for cleaning your dishes and stubborn food from pots and pans, without scratching your favourite cookware and dishes. Both sustainable and biodegradable, it is designed to get into hard to reach places ensuring you clean effectively.


The bristles are made from all-natural, antibacterial coconut husk, while the handle is made from FSC accredited timber. No plastic in sight.

A great eco-friendly cleaning product. 

EcoCoconut Dish brush

  • • Great dish cleaner and scrubber
    • Reaches those tricky places
    • Free of toxic chemicals
    • Multipurpose
    • Biodegradable
    • Sustainable
    • Reusable