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If you require more inserts for your nappies you can get them here. We've trialled a number of nappies and their inserts here at earthly passion and we felt we could supply you with something better. As a mother I know you want an absorbent insert, convenient to use while still being gentle on your baby's skin. Our inserts are suitable for all our earthly passion nappies, but they can be used in other modern cloth nappies.

Many inserts, particularly disposable, contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations and allergies. Not our earthly passion inserts. Our inserts, as well as our nappies are manufactured to Oeko-Standard 100 "Confidence in Textiles" ensuring the material used contains no harmful chemicals or dyes. Also our inserts are made from bamboo, a natural fibre sourced from sustainable forests with loads of supernatural properties. It is naturally breathable, anti-bacterial and highly absorbent making it perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. 

Caring for your baby, while caring for the earth.

earthly passion nappy inserts, 6 pack

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    Why you should choose the earthly passion eco-friendly inserts •Gentle against your baby's skin. The bamboo insert is perfect against your baby's delicate skin •One size fits all - •Simple to use - easy to put in and take out of the nappy pocket. One less hassle for Mum and Dad. •Absorbent •Breathable •The antibacterial properties and the high absorbency of bamboo prevents nappy rash. •Slim fitting - doesn't look bulky, making it easier for bub to get around. •Wear day and night. •NO harsh chemicals or materials. •Durable - will last the nappy stage of your baby and can be used for any siblings that follow. •Economical - Imagine the money you will save when you don't have to buy a constant supply of disposable inserts or nappies. •Better for the environment. Unlike disposables, the earthly passion inserts are made in a sustainable manner without the need for harsh chemicals or materials. It also means less disposables going to landfill. Caring for both the workers, your baby and the earth. Doesn't your baby deserve the best. What you are getting Insert: Super absorbent bamboo. Triple layer. 6 inserts per pack. Is the thought of washing inserts/nappies putting you off trying earthly passion inserts/nappies? One time it was hard to care for cloth nappies, but not now. The micro polar fleece makes it easy to remove soiling unlike terry towelling and if you use flushable inserts the job of cleaning is nearly done. We advise: 1. Wash before use - the bamboo insert's absorbency improves with washing. 2. Once used, remove and rinse off soiling. This can be easily done by throwing/flushing solids into the toilet and then storing in a dry bucket. 3. We do not recommend soaking as this can cause damage to the waterproof material. 4. You need to wash your nappies within 1-2 days. 5. Warm wash at 30°C. Do not bleach or use softener. If possible use baby cleaning agents or half strength detergent. 6. For tough
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