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6 Designs, Jute

We know you want to avoid plastic, but sometimes it seems like it is so hard to avoid. Well, one way to reduce your plastic use is to use reusable shopping bags. This is where we can help supply you with reliable, yet eco-friendly jute shopping bags.


The Apple Green Duck's Grocer bags come in great designs and a size that is perfect for shopping at the local farmer’s market or the supermarket. Made from durable and lightweight jute, these reusable shopping bags are perfect for picking up your grocery. No plastic in sight.

A great eco-friendly shopping bag.

Apple Green Duck Grocer Bags

  • Why you will love the Apple Green Duck Grocer bag

    • Great designs
    • Perfect for grocery shopping
    • 100% jute
    • An alternative to many plastic shopping bags
    • Helping you to break the habit of single use plastic bags
    • Reusable
    • Eco-friendly

    Size: 42x35x13cm

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