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3 wraps - Large, medium and small 


PLEASE NOTE: Patterns vary and the design received depends on availability.


If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, one of the best things you can do is to eliminate plastic cling wrap from your life. This is where Apiwraps can help. Handcrafted in Australia from local NSW beeswax and GOTS Certified Organic cotton along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil. Easy to use, reusable and free from harmful chemicals. Why wouldn’t you make the change?


This Kitchen Basics, great around the kitchen and pantry to protect your food, bowls, storage containers, and larger vegetables. It can even protect cheddar cheese, stopping it from drying out or sweating.

Apiwraps Kitchen Basics, 3 wraps per pack

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AU$18.66Sale Price
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  • Why you will love Apiwraps

    • A great replacement for plastic wrap
    • Reusable – can be used again and again
    • Allows your food to breathe
    • Sustainable
    • Can be used in a freezer
    • Great designs
    • Will save you money
    • Made from organic cotton fabric and natural beeswax
    • Healthy 
    • eco-friendly 
    • You are doing your part to save the earth
    • Packaged in hygienic recycled paper envelopes

  • How you clean your Apiwrap

    Simply remove any crumbs/food and then wipe with a soapy cloth and rinse with cold water. Do not use hot water and ensure you use a gentle detergent. Do not submerge in water. Air dry or blot dry carefully. With proper care, your Apiwrap can be used for up to a year (and possibly longer).


    Refresh your Apiwrap by placing it on a baking tray in the sun for the afternoon.

    • Do not microwave.
    • Keep away from heat sources. 
    • Do not submerge in water.
    • Not suitable to wrap uncooked meat, chicken or fish directly. Place the uncooked meat (chicken or fish) into a bowl and then cover the bowl with an Apiwrap.

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