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Sending kids with food allergies to a school can be nerve-wracking, but AllerMates is here to ease your fears! These eco-friendly, snack bags are designed to help protect kids with food allergies, as well as those who are wheat and gluten free!


Let your child be healthy and have fun with the AllerMates food allergies awareness snack pack. Kids with food allergies can pack safe snacks in these reusable snack bags and bring them along to parties, school activities or playdates to stay safe on the go! Plus, the eye-catching design is both cool and functional, serving as a friendly reminder to others of your child's health concerns!

AllerMates Allergy Alert Snack Bag, Blue

AU$10.95 Regular Price
AU$8.76Sale Price

Pre-Christmas Sale

  • What you will like about the AllerMates Snack Bag

    • Your child will be eating healthy, nutritional snacks from home.
    • Alerts others to the fact that your child has allergies.
    • Keep kids with food allergies safe with an information label on the back that allows you to write in your child's name.
    • Snack bag features a zippered pocket
    • Colourful and fun.
    • Designed with a heat-treated 420D outer shell to provide durability and water resistance.
    • A PE inner liner keeps food safe.
    • BPA and Phthalate free.
    • Easy to clean - machine washable and dishwasher safe.
    • Long lasting construction.
    • Measures 15.9cm H x 16.5cm W x 6.4cm D (6.25"H X 6.5"W x 2.5"D), easily fitting a full-size sandwich.
    • Reusable
  • Care for your Allermates Lunch Bags

    1. Avoid harsh cleansers and chemicals such as bleach (chlorine).
    2. Machine washable.
    3. Always store open to ensure proper drying and to prevent mould build-up. 


    DO NOT overfill.
    Avoid harsh cleansers and chemicals such as bleach (chlorine).

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