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The VibraDerm Skincare range

At earthly passion, we are here to help you find products that are natural and eco-friendly. The VibraDerm skincare range is a therapeutic range, made using Australian botanicals, with no unnecessary chemicals and additives in each of the products.

VibraDerm Skincare range

Utilising the properties of Australian Botanicals to deliver skincare solutions

Australia is remarkably fortunate to have a wealth of flora and fauna that have been used in traditional bush medicine for hundreds of thousands of years.  It’s only recently with the introduction of modern scientific technologies that we can clearly see and access the powerful naturally-occurring active ingredients that work to restore health and vitality to irritating, painful and persistent skin conditions.


VibraDerm is a skincare range that is here to help a number of skin conditions that often have few or no treatment options. Manufactured and packaged in Australia using pure, ethically sourced and local botanicals, VibbraDerm products are developed by a scientific team with extensive experience in working with Australian natural products.

Don't be swayed by the many natural claims on the market. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it works. With VibraDerm it is different  - it works!


Spit Tattoo Treatments

Natural Tattoo aftercare that works

Spit Tattoo Balm is an all-Australian sourced and made, post-tattoo soothing balm, made by tenacious scientists with a bit of nous about traditional bush medicine, the power of nature to healing... and tatts.


All four founders are scientists that have worked in natural products discovery, medical research and the development of clinically-proven skincare products. Not only having a nous about bush medicine, our founders are also avid campers, collectors of bush medicine lore and give a damn about creating an ethically sourced and formulated product that is truly Australian.


Spit promotes Healthy Skin Repair & Ink Definition, making use of the anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree.


Some of other New Arrivals

We are always on the lookout to add great new products to our store to help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle