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If you are wanting to be eco-friendly you have come to the right place.

We know, like many of us, you are time poor trying to juggle family, work and keeping a household running. You want to be eco-friendly and sometimes you feel the pressure to be a zero waster, but how can you achieve such a goal.

We are here to help you make it easier for you to find and choose eco-friendly products. Also, we can show you how some simple steps can add up to you reducing your impact on the environment.

Together we can make a difference.

Our passion is to care for you, your family and the earth. 

We are always on the lookout to add great new products to our store to help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle

We're more than a shop...come and learn with us.


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If you are like us, you probably find it is very confusing trying to decide what products and lifestyle choices are best for your health and the environment. It can be overwhelming to research all the information out there.   


Here at earthly passion, we want to support you in your choices by supplying you with the latest information on eco issues and eco-friendly products. Over the last few years, we have made some changes to our lifestyle as we learned more about products and the environment, and believe me, we are still learning. Come and learn with us by visiting our blog.

Why shop with us

Our goal at earthly passion is to supply you with premium products, that are as natural as possible.  We are growing business and we plan to give you a large range of fantastic, natural and organic products, making it easier for you to shop for heathier, eco-friendly alternatives for you and your family.

What customers think of us

We know what it is like when you come to a new online shop. We know you have concerns. You haven't used us before and you worry that the shopping experience will not be a good one. To reassure you that we are a genuine seller, that sells good quality products considering our environment, have a look at our feedback.

I bought the Ultimate Protein Powder on Monday via & had it delivered by Friday in south western QLD! I'm so impressed! Thank you for a great price & great product choices!

It is important to us that you enjoy your experience on our website and shopping with us. That why we love getting feedback and it is good to know so many of you love what we are doing. 

Thank you for my toothbrushes!! 😄😄 so happy I got them before I left for holiday! 🐼🌱🌿💚✨✌🏻️

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