A great gift to start the reusable journey


Avoid disposables while out about by always having a Keepcup and cutlery set always on hand. Carry them in your backpack, lunch bag or the car, so you can avoid single-use cups and plastic cutlery. Feel good knowing you are making an impact by reducing what is going to landfill. Also, by gifting this set and using such a set you are influencing others to consider the waste they produce and the environment.


What you will get:

KeepCup Brew Glass Coffee Cup

Pick from 4 colours and 2 sizes: 8oz/227mL or 12oz/340mL

EverEco cutlery set

Includes bamboo knife, fork and spoon. 

Keepcup & Cutlery set - Cork Band

Keepcup Size
Keepcup Colour
  • More about the Keepcup

    The KeepCup Brew Glass Coffee Cups make drinking on the go simple. KeepCup is from Melbourne Australia, makers of the World's first barista standard reusable cup. This KeepCup Brew comes in glass with cork band that has excellent thermal properties, ideal for enjoying hotter beverages such as a long black or black tea. Easy grip and leak proof lids allow you to have drinks on the go without worrying about spillages. Stylishly designed to go anywhere – on the road, at school and in the office.

  • More aout EverEco cutlery set

    The EverEco Bamboo Cutlery Set is a fantastic lunchtime accessory, a convenient alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. Made from natural and sustainable bamboo, that is 100% plastic-free, supporting your waste-free, toxic chemical-free lifestyle.  Now you can have a cutlery when you need it, knowing it is safe for you, your family and the earth.