You will love scrubbing your veggies with this beautifully designed Veggie Brush knowing it is eco-friendly and very practical. Brushing everything from firm vegies to delicate fruits, the bristles are a combination of strong recycled bristles with gentle plant fibre bristles. The bamboo handle has been finished with natural oils to protect it from the water, while the comfy circular handle makes for easy storage as it can hang and dry easily.


If you want to make a difference for the earth, then give the Full Circle Veggie Brush a go.

Full Circle Veggie Brush, The Ring

  • What you will like about the Full Circle Veggie Br

    • Beautifully designed
    • Sustainable bamboo handle
    • Recycled and natural bristles
    • Easy to clean
    • Tough, yet gentle
    • Reusable
    • Safe to use