You care for your child. And you want to give them the best. As parents we know what care you go to when it comes to feeding your baby. But have you considered the dishes and cups you prepare your baby's food in? Who wants to be using harmful plastic and ceramics? Well there is an alternative - EcoSouLife Baby/Toddler Dinner set.

The EcoSouLife Baby/Toddler Dinner Set is made from husk, a sustainable product that naturally biodegrades once buried the ground. Once buried, the set will biodegrade within 2-3 years

EcoSouLife Baby/Toddler Dinner Set

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    What you get in the EcoSouLife Baby/Toddler Dinner set. 1. 1 x cup with sippy spout 2. 1 x plate with 2 dividers 3. 1 x bowl 4. 1 x spoon 5. 1 x fork Caring for you EcoSouLife Baby/Toddler Dinner set 1. Hand wash with mild detergent. 2. Not recommended for prolonged soaking. 3. Not recommended to be used over direct fire/oven/grill. 4. Using the product for a long period of time will cause the waxed surface to fade, but it will not affect the quality of the product Note: Do not microwave the EcoSouLife Picnic set.