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High Quality, Bright warm light (equivalent to 35W halogen)

Reduce your electricity bill, save energy, without sacrificing quality of light when you use Ecochoice LED bright warm light bulbs. By switching over to Ecochoice LED’s not only will you save money, but you will consume 80% less power than the regular halogen light bulbs. You will help the environment in other ways because Ecochoice LED’s are mercury-free and contains no toxins, which makes them safe and clean dispose of.

What you are getting:
Ecochoice LED 7W Downlight Globe Bright Warm Light, equivalent to 35W halogen

Ecochoice LED Downlight 7W

AU$10.20 Regular Price
AU$7.65Sale Price
  • Details

    Why you will love using Ecochoice LED -Good for you and the environment - mercury-free -Reduces your electricity usage and bill - 80% energy saving -Reduces carbon emissions -Lasts 30,000 hours -Ecochoice LED’s have a 25 year lifespan -Made with 540 lumens -Reduces emissions -Meet all Australian and New Zealand standards -Australian design Note: Non dimmable Make the right choice for you, your family and the planet.
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